A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a stupid, poorly-made, retro-style horror parody game about owning a pomeranian.

Published 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsDogs, First-Person, Horror, Parody, Retro, Short, Walking simulator


The Pomeranian.exe 71 MB


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This just goes out to anyone who sees this comment: It's so nice to see so many people play and enjoy this terrible game. I honestly just pooped it out in two straight days and wasn't expecting anyone to see it. I know it's not the most popular game ever, but it's still so nice to see even one person having played this tragedy. Any feedback, negative or positive, is appreciated as well (I've watched every lets-play video up until now as well :)). Thank you everyone. I hope this bad little game is able to make your day any amount better. Happy spooks!

PS: I have some other game ideas in the works, so look forward to seeing more from me ;)

SKIP TO 14:35!!!

Bro it feels awesome to see someone play and enjoy my crappy horror parody game. Great video man :)

That was easy i got escaped and get GOOD ENDING.

Ayyy good job. I was actually contemplating making his move speed slower, so it's good to hear that

so i havent played this game yet (im very excited to) But i own a pomerian mix and let me tell you, that having one is definetly a horror.

I don't even own one, I just think they're cute and loud lmao

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dude that was not cool

Lmao sorryyyyy

Fluffy seems like a great guard dog

There actually is a true ending if you manage to make it back to the door of your apartment building. Not that it's worth seeking out though lol, good video too :)

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I regret to inform you that it doesn't seem like I can publish a .rar version in the game engine I'm using. I used CopperCube 6 to make this